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Mastering is the final creative step of your production and therefore requires a lot of experience and high-quality equipment. Mastering at HOFA-Studios reveals the full potential of your recordings and improves transparency, definition and impact of your production – we use the best analog and digital technology as well as years of experience and creativity.


HOFA was one of the first studios in Germany to put the focus on perfecting mixes. You benefit from decades of experience and both legendary vintage and state-of-the-art studio technology. Highly qualified engineers and perfectly configured rooms brings your music to full potential. Gold records and awards testify to our competence.

  eMastering proMastering
Procedure Online Appointed date on-site at HOFA
Corrections Up to 2 Unlimited
Completion within max. 10 days as agreed
Free testmaster Häkchen Häkchen
Secure data transfer Häkchen Häkchen
DDP image Bookable on request Häkchen
Stem mastering Bookable on request Bookable on request
Track or total time
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After the order, we will send you an e-mail with all information about the upload and the further procedure.

For further info (mastered for iTunes, feedback to your mix, formats, testmaster etc.), please get in touch with us via +49 7251 3472-200 or mail.